Nimses Customer Story

Social Engagement Platform Battles Bots and Fake Accounts

Nimses, a global social platform that launched in 2017, grew to two million users within two weeks. After a user registers with Nimses, each minute of the person’s life is transformed into an indestructible digital unit—or Nim—that is a type of currency within the system. This rapid growth attracted the attention of hackers and bots who created fake accounts that negatively affected the user environment.

Approov provided a nearly immediate solution out of the box... we went from initial contact to a deployed solution in only 8 days.

- Andril Sirchenko, CMO Nimses

The Challenge

Despite robust verification mechanisms and active detection of suspicious activity, Nimses was worried about its ability to contain misuse of its platform. It needed a solution to prevent automated registration of fake accounts by bots that could be sold to those who wanted to pollute the experience for legitimate users.

How Approov Mobile App Protection Helped

By providing the ability to authenticate only legitimate apps using their API, Approov prevented automated abuse of the Nimses platform. API protection needed to be deployed quickly to ensure that the emerging bot issue did not spiral out of control and overwhelm the fledgling social platform.

Nimses has since enhanced its existing account registration and usage monitoring capabilities to become far more effective in blocking sophisticated automation attacks coming from the app running on real devices.

For Nimses, Approov provided:

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