Genopets Customer Story

Minimizing the Business Impact of Data Scraping

Genopets is a global Move-to-Earn gaming app that combines elements of Tamagotchi, Pokemon Go, and web3. Players engage with their virtual pets by taking care of them and participating in daily activities. The gameplay involves physically walking and earning steps to level up, gather items, and receive rewards. The energy accumulated through steps is utilized to nurture, upgrade, customize, and evolve the digital pets.

Some malicious users were using our APIs to manipulate data on our backend so as to gain unfair advantage in our game.

- Kevin Kim, COO at Genopets

The Challenge

The gaming industry is a popular target for cyberattacks and with a hugely successful launch of the app, the Genopets team saw early signs that they needed to take measures to protect their API backend from abuse.

They needed a security solution that would ensure that requests to their backend originated solely from their authenticated app running on a genuine mobile device without introducing lag or negatively impacting the customer experience.

How Approov Mobile Security Helped

Approov was selected for its scalability, allowing it to handle high volumes of traffic without imposing quotas or usage limitations. In contrast to alternative mobile app security solutions that restrict the processing of traffic to control costs or manage server resources, Approov offers unlimited and unthrottled protection.

With Approov Mobile Security in place, only genuine Genopets mobile apps—running in safe environments and communicating over secured connections—could access their APIs and backend resources. This ensured that all bots, malicious scripts, tampered and fake apps were effectively blocked from gaining unauthorized access.

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