API Security Threats in Mobility Markets

Pay-Per-Use Models are Growing

The transportation mobility market is shifting consumers from traditional vehicle ownership to a pay-per-use model. Mobile apps are the primary touchpoint for accessing these services and providing new business opportunities. Failure to properly secure APIs leads to system breaches, unauthorized access to private data, and ultimately loss of customers.

Own Customer Experience

In a competitive mobility marketplace, customers flock to services offering convenience and availability. Approov authenticates your apps and secures your APIs with no impact on customer experience.

Threats blocked include:

Data Scraping: Competitors scrape and exploit your vehicle location and usage information to gain an advantage.

Approov Solution: Ensures that your data is accessible by your mobile apps only. Tampered apps and scraper bots are blocked.

Unauthorized Aggregation: Customers may give their credentials to all-in-one services offering convenience booking.

Approov Solution: Forces these services to refer customers to your app so you retain control of your customer journey.

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Learn how Sixt blocks 3rd parties from exploiting APIs to reserve and access cars.

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Protect Your Critical Resources

Car sharing is designed for consumers who want to rent a vehicle for a short period of time, pay only for usage, and access a car at any hour. Approov Mobile App Protection is 'key' to this model:

Digital Key Extraction: Eavesdroppers or malware running on consumer devices try to intercept key authorization during the communication process used to unlock and start vehicles.

Approov Solution: Blocks malicious exfiltration attempts, but allows consumers running a clean, authentic app to access their vehicles even in the absence of internet connectivity.

Denial or Delay of Service: Attackers can flood your network with valid looking API requests which will tie up your services.

Approov Solution: Authenticates apps ensuring that legitimate API requests come only from your mobile app. Malicious traffic is easily dropped before reaching your backend services.

By 2035, mobility technology will drive over 40% of profits in the automotive industry.

KPMG, Boston Consulting Group

Grow Safely Within the Mobility Ecosystem

The transportation market is transforming, the ecosystem is maturing, and your partnerships are evolving through shared-use models, autonomous vehicles, door-to-door multi-modal journeys — making API security all the more critical.

Threats include:

Unlicensed Apps: When ready, expand the number of legitimate apps which can access your mobility services by licensing third party apps while continuing to block all others.

Approov Solution: Authenticates licensed apps and drops all other traffic.

API Security Flaws: Any weaknesses in your APIs will be discovered and exploited by hackers.

Approov Solution: Blocks API probing and improper usage by securing communications between your app and backend service in addition to locking down your mobility APIs to authorized apps only.

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