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Approov Provides Easy, Fast, Effective Protection for Mobile Games

Approov provides mobile game developers and studios an easy way to stay ahead of mobile cheaters, hacks, and player emulator platforms. With Approov in place, you preserve fair play, secure private data, and protect company revenue streams. Approov mobile runtime application self-protection (RASP) protects your games with minimal impact to game development and no impact on game performance.
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Block Illegal App Copies
Approov app attestation blocks everything except your genuine and untampered mobile app, running in a safe environment from accessing your backend API’s, so you can eliminate the threat of cloned and copied apps once and for all.
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Detect and Block Cheating Tools and Emulators
Approov safeguards against cheat engines, including GameGuardian, and detects emulators like BlueStacks to ensure your mobile game functions as intended, thwarting cheaters.
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Block Rooted, Jailbroken and Modified Devices
Approov protects iOS, WatchOS, Android and HarmonyOS by detecting rooted or jailbroken devices as well as the presence of GameGuardian, Cycript, Cydia, Xposed, Frida, Magisk, Zygisk and others.
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Protect Against Runtime Attacks on the Game
Dynamic instrumentation tools can tweak mobile games at runtime. Approov RASP attests the actual executing code, providing robust and continuous protection against any runtime tampering.
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Stop Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
By intercepting and modifying SSL certificate checks an attacker can intercept and manipulate encrypted data. Approov Dynamic Certificate Pinning protects from mobile Man-in-the-Middle attacks and makes it easy to manage and rotate certificates over-the-air.
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Prevent Exploitation of Secrets
Approov keeps API keys and certificates securely in the cloud, delivering them “just-in-time” only when app and device integrity checks are passed. You can rotate them easily and immediately via over-the-air updates. It also works for any third party APIs you use.
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Stop Bypassing Payments
You monetize your game with in-app purchases (IAPs), but attackers can use hacking tools to bypass protections and access these paid features for free. Approov detects and blocks any manipulation and stops any attempts to bypass in-app purchases.
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Prevent Player Account Takeover
Only your app has access to your APIs, preventing automated credential stuffing scripts from compromising players' online accounts. Approov ensures that only requests from an authentic, unaltered version of your game are allowed, thwarting hacking attempts arising from data breaches in other gaming services.
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We saw an immediate 99.9% reduction of malicious access to our backend resources once Approov was implemented. Approov’s ability to provide unlimited and unthrottled protection is unlike native or any other mobile apps solutions.

- Kevin Kim, COO at Genopets

Ensure an Amazing Gaming Experience with Approov Mobile Protection

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Real Time Threat Intelligence
Empower your security team with real-time tracking and management of threats. Gain insights into potential risks and take swift, informed actions to protect your mobile applications.
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Seamless Customer Experience
Over-the-air updates mean secrets and policies can be updated immediately without needing to update code and deploy a new version of your game.
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Effortless Deployment and Operation
Enjoy instant protection without the burden of complex security measures or excessive management overhead. Seamlessly integrate Approov into your DevOps pipeline for a streamlined workflow.
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Scalability Without Compromise
As your user base expands, Approov ensures a seamless customer experience. It maintains optimal game performance, never obstructs legitimate users, and effortlessly scales to accommodate millions of users.
Developer-First Design

One Sprint Deployment With Your Favourite Game Engines

Our Integrations are simple and can be completed in one single sprint!
 We are here with you every step of the way and support you from implementation to deployment and beyond.
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Fully Compatible CLI
Works on Windows, Mac and Linux
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One Sprint Deployment
Quick starts for all major platforms making integration easy.
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Reliable SLA and Support
Approov prides itself on customer support, we partner with you to address your security needs.
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Intelligent Interfaces
The approov SDK attaches directly to your networking stack.

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