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Defend Your Five Mobile Attack Surfaces

App Integrity

Attest your apps to ensure only truly authentic apps are authorized to make API calls

Device Integrity

Adopt comprehensive fine-grained device integrity checks enforced outside of the untrusted device environment

Channel Integrity

Employ securely certificate-pinned TLS with dynamic pin update

Credential Integrity

Require frequent app authentication for strong trusted user and API authorization

Service Integrity

Shield your APIs from exploitation of vulnerabilities with over-the-air updates for instant reaction to threat intelligence

Find out if Your Mobile Apps are leaking data and secrets and are being used to attack your APIs

When you deploy Approov, only your authorized mobile apps, running in untampered environments and communicating over secured channels, can access your APIs and backend services. Any botnets, fraudulent transactions, malicious scripts, and fake apps are blocked, and API vulnerabilities cannot be exploited.

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Approov makes available a complimentary 30 day trial (no credit card necessary) which can give you immediate and valuable insight into the security risks of your mobile apps and the devices they run on. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of Approov.

With a trial, when you deploy your app with Approov, you can find out:

  • If unauthorized software is being used against your business, e.g bots, scripts, or repackaged or cloned apps
  • If your communications are being intercepted by MitM or "Man-in-the-Device" attacks
  • If your apps are running on mobile devices which are rooted/jailbroken or if emulators, debuggers or other hacking frameworks are attached to your apps

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Approov offers a complimentary 30 day trial (no credit card necessary) to give you immediate and valuable insight into the security risks of your mobile apps and the devices they run on.

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