Social Media

With large social networks now commonplace, it is not surprising that botnets are used to generate and rapidly disseminate fake and misleading content through social APIs. With Approov, these common abuse vectors can be blocked:

Fake Account Creation

Fake accounts are created for the purposes of spamming other real users or automating fake interactions.

Approov Solution

Provides app authentication to ensure account onboarding only occurs through your legitimate app, making the mass automation of account onboarding by attackers impractical.


Through fake accounts, automated posts and interactions can distort facts and influence trends and sentiment.

Approov Solution

Restricts authors to posting only through your genuine apps.


Learn how Nimses blocks fake account creation and bot activities.

Multiplayer Gaming & Gambling

As mobile multiplayer games get more popular, gaming companies are seeing the same reverse engineering techniques used to compromise banking and finance apps, now being used to take over accounts, steal personal credentials or drain real or virtual winnings. Approov's ability to identify, verify and certify apps, helps eliminate:

Modified Game Capabilities

Versions of an app may circulate that incorporate cheating capabilities which undermine player experience and game stickiness.

Approov Solution

Allows only official, unmodified versions of apps to access your backend API services. Modified and augmented apps fail.


Once we had deployed Approov, game play increased by more than 3x. It was amazing to see players engaging so enthusiastically once they knew that automated cheaters had been outlawed.

Protect your Reputation

For retailers, reputation is everything. With any hint of data breaches, exposure of private information, misuse of purchase history, or theft of credit card numbers, shoppers will abandon your store or service forever. Approov can prevent data breaches by blocking attacks such as:

Account Takeover

Credential stuffing attacks use credentials stolen from other site breaches or they repeatedly try weak credential combinations to take over your customer accounts. Today, this likely makes up the majority of your login traffic.

Approov Solution

Frustrates brute force attacks by only accepting login requests coming from your legitimate shopping app.

Gift Card Cracking

Gift cards with valid balances can be identified and then used or sold without requiring login credentials.

Approov Solution

Requires that gift cards be applied through your mobile app to protect your gift card value from brute force crackers.

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