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Our reseller partners provide vital access to mobile application security expertise, ensuring organizations thrive in the mobile security arena. With regional insights, our Value-Added Resellers efficiently deliver best-practice mobile app security, authentication, and threat defense for success in this dynamic landscape.

Explore our reseller network to leverage local expertise on optimizing your mobile app security stance.

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Tabiri Analytics is transforming digital defense for enterprises in North America and Africa. It offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions finely tuned for the unique challenges faced by businesses on both continents. Its focus extends beyond protection, empowering enterprises to securely leverage the full potential of the digital world. With continuous innovation and strategic collaborations, Tabiri Analytics stands as a key player in ensuring the resilience and security of businesses in North America and Africa in the digital age.

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From Carnegie Mellon University to the forefront of cybersecurity! Our partnership with Approov is not just about innovative solutions but also about shared CMU pride. Edwin Kairu, Ted Miracco, and Victor Kagimu, all Carnegie Mellon University alumni, are leading the charge in redefining digital security."

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Asia Pacific


E-SPIN Group of Companies, established in 2005, is dedicated to offering world-class enterprise technology solutions. We also provide value-added services tailored to our local region, including consulting, project management, training, and maintenance for enterprise customers and partners across the Asia-Pacific region (APEC). One of the key pillars of our solution domains is mobile application security testing and protection. We offer holistic application security solutions, encompassing related domains such as secure software development and DevSecOps. As a partner of Approov, E-SPIN Group ensures hassle-free pre-sales requirement consulting, buying facilitation, integration, training and subscription availability for their solutions within the regions where we operate. 

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Through our partnership with Approov, we are empowered to deliver Approov’s Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) solution. This includes mobile application dynamic Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP), which verifies trust and mitigates evolving threats for enterprises and partners within the regions where E-SPIN operates. Additionally, we anticipate that this collaboration will further strengthen our Application Security (AppSec) solution, covering continuous integration and development testing to post-production security protection," -- Vincent Lim, General Manager of E-SPIN Group.

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Global Sapphire Inc. is an ICT and Management Consulting Company whose most powerful advantage is the ability to provide, implement, and integrate solutions and systems. It helps businesses gain and sustain competitive advantage, and aids in achieving sustainable, tangible results for customers with a wealth of new or existing business opportunities in the world of communications, technology and infrastructure. Global Sapphire primarily operates in the Philippines. Its core competency focuses around core implementation revolving around specific solutions that could help ease customer's business continuity, adapting highly available solutions, enhancing business security protocols, adapting to security compliance standards, and ensuring data availability through different sectors starting from infrastructure, network, security, application, enterprise backup and even cloud.

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Approov Limited operates directly within the region.

Please reach out to us directly.

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Middle East

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NABD Solutions is your reliable cyber security partner. It specializes in cybersecurity, offering services that focus on breaking down threats and building up security measures for businesses. Its main business involves providing expert cybersecurity advice, threat modeling, security posture reviews, attack surface assessments, and incident response among other services. It offers a range of solutions designed to protect digital spaces from cyber threats. NABD aims to ensure businesses can operate securely while focusing on their core activities. Its expertise spans various domains, enabling them to dissect threats and enhance security in a comprehensive, swift, and superior manner.

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Partnering with Approov has allowed NADB Solutions to deliver an even more comprehensive cybersecurity solution to our clients. Their industry-leading RASP technology perfectly complements our expertise in offensive security and mobile Penetration Testing. Together, we ensure our clients' mobile apps are protected enhanced our ability to deliver our promise to our client by building better security across all attack surfaces," -- Ali Bawazeer, Cyber Security Director of NABD Solutions.

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North America


Approov Inc. operates directly within the region.

Please reach out to us directly.

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Shield Security is a company focused in reselling cyber security software in Brazil and focused in implementing those solutions. Shield work with professional services in privacy and information security areas and body shop for dedicated residency services. Furthermore, Shield have partners of important brands, such as: Approov, Securiti.ai, CrowdStrike, Tenable, Cymulate, Akamai, Symantec, Halcyon and Netskope. The partnership with Approov is to represent Approov in the Brazilian market.

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