We're Hiring!
We're Hiring!

We are seeking a talented and experienced Mobile Security Researcher to join our team. You will work closely with the technical team to analyze the latest mobile threats, techniques and hacking tools. You will directly feed into the product development to ensure the Approov Mobile Security solution is able to detect and defend against the latest threats. You will also have the opportunity to develop blogs and deeply technical educational materials to document your research. You will have a very strong technical background and a passion for understanding mobile systems at a very low level. Ideally we are looking for candidates with experience in both the iOS and Android ecosystems, but may consider a standout candidate with experience in a single platform only.

This role will be based out of our Edinburgh UK office, but we will consider hybrid working for the right candidate.


  • Work with the technical team to provide insight and guidance into the latest tools and threats and how they can be detected or their impact mitigated.
  • Broad knowledge of the analysis, instrumentation and hooking tools ecosystem and keen interest in keeping up to date with the latest developments.
  • Reverse engineering of tools and exploits and remote analysis of exploits in live customer situations.
  • Setup devices with the latest versions of frameworks and build Proof-of-Concept attacks and defenses.
  • Development of reproducible tests allow us to determine if the Approov detections are working correctly.
  • Write technical blogs and potentially participate in industry events and conferences to promote Approov mobile security platform and its capabilities.


  • 5+ years of experience in mobile analysis technologies with strong coding skills in C/C++ and understanding of ARM64 assembly.
  • Familiarity with techniques and packages used for jailbreaking and rooting.
  • Hands-on experience with hooking and instrumentation frameworks used in mobile - especially Frida.
  • Knowledge of mobile security and pentesting approaches for mobile apps - ideally learned in a prior pentesting or security research role.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to articulate complex technical concepts to technical stakeholders.
  • BSc in Computer Science or related field.

At Approov Mobile Security, we offer a dynamic work environment, competitive compensation, and opportunities for professional growth and development. If you are excited about mobile application development and interested in cyber security, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

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Approov is a team of passionate developers dedicated to making the future of mobile secure. From our offices in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK), and Palo Alto, California, we focus on developing advanced solutions for mobile app and API security, end-to-end from the device to the cloud. Our solutions are used worldwide to secure mobile apps and their APIs in everything from automotive, financial services, healthcare to e-commerce, gaming and media. 

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Any questions please contact:  recruitment@approov.io.