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Protecting Mobile Healthcare Apps and APIs

The use of mobile healthcare apps is rapidly increasing due to the demand for virtual healthcare services. However, the APIs of these apps are at risk of being exposed and targeted by cyber-criminals seeking access to sensitive health data. Traditional security approaches have limitations, and mobile app protection is crucial to comply with industry regulations like HIPAA. Approov Mobile Security provides a comprehensive and dynamic security approach, ensuring only legitimate apps can access APIs while eliminating the need for constant updates. It offers protection from various attacks and allows easy integration and operation for developers.

The rapid adoption of mobile healthcare apps has been driven by the increasing demand for virtual healthcare services. These apps are used by both practitioners and patients to manage various aspects of treatment and healthcare data access. Government regulations are also promoting interoperability and patient ownership of data in the healthcare industry.

However, with the rise in popularity and importance of these apps, their APIs have become a target for cyber-criminals seeking unauthorized access to Personal Health Information (PHI), which is highly valuable on the dark web.

Traditional security approaches have proven insufficient and difficult to maintain for protecting these mobile healthcare apps and APIs. Signature-based methods rely on known patterns and require constant updates, while anti-tampering measures can still leave APIs vulnerable. Even Transport Level Security (TLS) can be problematic, especially when devops teams resist implementing it due to performance and availability concerns.

To address these security challenges, Approov Mobile Security offers a comprehensive multi-factor, end-to-end security approach for both mobile apps and APIs. It ensures that only legitimate and approved apps can access APIs while blocking bots and tampered apps. Approov dynamically manages security policies, certificates, and secrets, removing the need for app upgrades when changes are required.

Key Benefits of the Approov Solution:

  • Positive app authentication
  • Protection from Man-in-the-Middle attacks
  • Confidence that the client environment is always secure
  • Elimination of API keys and secrets from mobile code
  • Dynamic management of security policies, certificates and secrets
  • Real-time analytics for control and compliance
  • Easy integration and operation

In summary, Approov Mobile Security offers robust protection for mobile healthcare apps and APIs, safeguarding PHI and ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations in the highly regulated healthcare industry.


Download the full version of the solution brief

 Approov Healthcare Solution Brief - screenshot


Download the full version of the solution brief


Approov Healthcare Solution Brief - screenshot



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