How to Eliminate Hardcoded API Keys from Your Apps


No More Hardcoded API Keys

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Mobile apps increasingly depend on third-party API access, employing them for many reasons, including payment, location, social media and other services. Access is authenticated via API keys but these can be stolen by reverse engineering the mobile app code. If APIs are abused using keys you have not protected then you could be exposed to financial losses, fines, and reputational damage.

Simply moving the keys out of the source code itself doesn't help as they must still appear in the shipped app package. App code obfuscation or hardening doesn't offer the solution either as API keys can be extracted in transit.

Learn how Approov Runtime Secrets Protection works and how it solves this issues. It's easy to deploy in your apps, eliminating hardcoded API keys and the risks associated with them. With this in place keys can be managed in the cloud, enhancing your security and flexibility as you can update them on demand.

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