Secure Mobile Apps Without Exposing API Keys

Webinar Recording: 9 June 2022

Michael Sampson, senior analyst at Osterman Research says “Upcoming Osterman findings show that mobile apps depend on average on more than 30 third-party APIs, and that half of the mobile developers we surveyed are still storing API keys in the app code. These two things together constitute a massive attack surface for bad actors to exploit. And third-party API threats against mobile apps aren’t as well understood by companies as they should be.“

This webinar will employ a live demo to show it is possible to avoid storing secrets in the mobile app code completely, eliminating any risk of extraction through code analysis, as well as the risk of exposure through accidental source code repository leaks.

Approov can help your business secure its mobile APIs quickly and effectively. Want to learn more about how we helped dozens of companies ensure that only their mobile apps can use their APIs? Talk to us.

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