Secure API

Securing Your APIs

Approov prevents your backend APIs from API abuse, credential stuffing, fake botnet registrations, and DDoS attacks. And it protects the 3rd party APIs you use too.

Approov performs an ongoing, deep inspection of your mobile app and the device it is running upon, and based on this guarantees authenticity of requests to your backend APIs and services, using an Industry standard signed JSON Web Token (JWT)

Secure Both Your Own APIs & 3rd-Party APIs

Approov 1st and 3rd party API key protection diagram

Secure API Key Management

API keys for your own and 3rd party APIs are managed by Approov and delivered just in time and only if Approov validates that the app is genuine and the environment is safe.

Integrates Easily with Backend Security

Backend integration is easy. Quickstart guides are available for a range of commonly used environments. Approov also has pretested integrations with a number of backend security platforms, adding the Approov assurance that APIs can only be used by genuine instances of your mobile app.

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