Whats included?

Approov Admin Portal

The Approov Admin Portal is where you can download the Approov SDK for Android or iOS, as well as view the status of previously requested SDKs and the state of apps registered against them.

This is also where you can download the Approov SDK and the Registration tools.

Approov SDK

The Approov SDK, for Android or iOS, can be downloaded from the Approov Admin Portal. Featuring a simple API for initialisng the singleton Approov instance and fetching Approov tokens either synchronously or asynchronously. The Approov SDK can simply and easily be dropped into an app, either for initial integration or updating to a newer version.

Registration tools

The Registration tools are required for the last step of registering your app with the Approov service. The package includes executables suitable for registering either iOS or Android apps and the exeuctables can be run on a range of different desktop platforms.

Code Examples

The Approov GibHub account provides Code Examples for integrating Approov with a range of different platforms, including Cordova. There are also a range of server side integraton examples and a number of examples of how to use some of the more advanced features of Approov, including strengthening OAuth2 protection.


Detailed documentation is available for the entire Approov process. Providing guidance on how to integrate the Approov SDK into your iOS or Android app and how to ready your server to validate Approov tokens. Explains the basic use of Approov through to more complex use-cases, as well as troubleshooting common issues.

Automatic Load Balancing

The Approov service runs in the cloud, making use of widely used AWS autoscaling and load balancing technologies. This ensures that there will always be enough capacity to deal with as much traffic as you can throw at the Approov service.

Billing Reporting

Customised graphs are provided at the end of each month, reporting on the usage of Approov throughout the month. The total per app cost of Approov is based on how many unique devices are used during the month. This means that you only pay for as much of the service as your customers have used.

Customer Support

Approov provides round the clock Customer Support through Zendesk, with appropriate SLAs being negotiated where required as an additonal layer of customer service.

Approov Plans


$0.02 / device / month / app

Minimum spend $198 / month

First month FREE

Unlimited devices

Helpdesk support

Automatic load balancing

Cancel anytime

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Invoice billing

Reserved capacity

Integration services

Dedicated cloud infrastructure

On-premises deployment

Discount for volume customers

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† End-user device active in the month

‡ Minimum fee charged monthly in advance and includes 9900 monthly active devices. Additional devices billed in arrears. Exclusive of local taxes where applicable.