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5 Threats to Mobile Games and 5 Essential Security Measures

March 19, 2024

Gaming Means Mobile Gaming With the rise in popularity, mobile games have become a massive target for hackers, and cybersecurity should be a priority for both developers and players. However recent research shows that mobile games are still not well protected. This could be due to developers struggling to prioritize the long list of overlapping threats which must be mitigated, or concern around the possible negative impact of security solutions on customer experience. Read Full Story

2024: Reflecting on a Dynamic, Tumultuous Cyber Year

January 16, 2024

As we step into 2024, it's crucial to reflect on the cyber landscape of the past year, marked by significant breaches that underscore the persistent challenges in securing our digital lives. Here are some notable incidents that grabbed headlines: Read Full Story

Approov Addresses Apple Watch Security Issues

December 18, 2023

Apple and MIT recently published a study indicating that 2.6 billion personal records were exposed through data breaches over the last two years. These findings underscore the need for protecting data in the cloud through mobile attestations and improved API security. Watches, wearables and other new types of mobile devices are now the weakest link in the mobile app threat landscape. Approov addresses this threat head on with Release 3.2 of the solution. While Release 3.2 includes other important enhancements (detailed in the Press Release), this blog specifically explores the crucial advancements made to enhance the security of the Apple Watch. Read Full Story

Top Security Trends and Predictions for 2024

December 7, 2023

Approov stands at the forefront of mobile cybersecurity: Our expansive customer base, ongoing research initiatives and the insights we collect from our live threat metrics, give us unique visibility into trends in mobile security. Based on this data, we wanted to share our predictions for 2024. We don't claim to be able to predict the future but we do think we can see some trends that will help you prepare your own plan for navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in 2024. First, let's talk about some general trends we see and then dive into our mobile predictions. Read Full Story

Staying Ahead of Mobile App Threats with Real-Time Analytics

August 1, 2023

Mobile apps and APIs are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals using sophisticated techniques to exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to sensitive data. To stay ahead of these threats, real-time analytics on the security state of mobile apps and devices is critical. Read Full Story

What Can You Test with an Approov 30-Day Free Trial?

June 15, 2023

Everything. If you are reading this, then it's probably because you are actively considering a free 30 day Approov trial. Why are you interested in Approov? Well possibly because you have uncovered a security issue with a mobile app and that app is critical to your business. In any case, the pressure is on. Read Full Story

What Can You Achieve in Your 30 Day Free Approov Trial?

May 10, 2023

Approov provides a comprehensive runtime security solution for mobile apps and their APIs, unified across iOS and Android. Approov immediately stops any automated tools or compromised apps from manipulating any part of the end-to-end mobile platform, turning away unauthorized access attempts by scripts, bots and fake or tampered apps. Read Full Story

Zero-Trust Alone Proves Inadequate for Securing APIs

April 18, 2023

The disclosure of three significant API security incidents in the first two months of 2023 serves as a reminder that, as the use of APIs continue to rise, so too does the number of API related security breaches. Read Full Story

What is Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)?

April 6, 2023

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) is a security technology that is designed to protect applications from attacks while the application is running. It works by embedding a security mechanism directly into the application, which allows it to monitor the application's behavior and detect and prevent malicious activities in real-time. Read Full Story

China and India present new Challenges and Opportunities

March 24, 2023

Pinduoduo Malware highlights the need for App Attestation on a Global Scale The recent Pinduoduo hack may have impacted over 700 million users in China, and highlights the need for mobile app attestation to protect against mobile app malware and other vulnerabilities. In the Pinduoduo hack, attackers were able to exploit a vulnerability in the popular ecommerce mobile app to gain access to user accounts and steal sensitive information, such as users' names, phone numbers, and addresses. This type of attack is not uncommon, and highlights the importance of implementing strong security measures, such as app attestation, to help prevent such vulnerabilities from being exploited. Read Full Story