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Six Reasons to Choose SaaS Security Over In-house

June 16, 2020

Spending large amounts of money on in-house security may not yield as great a reduction in risk as you might hope. A big investment might only result in marginal improvements -- especially with the high price of cyber security labour in the current skills shortage. Finding the right mix of security options is something of a balancing act, and cloud-based security or SaaS security (Security as a Service, or SECaaS) can offer an alternative. Read Full Story

Approov Cloud Service Architecture

January 25, 2018

We recently agreed a custom Service Level Agreement(SLA) with one of our enterprise customers and one thing the process highlighted was that we don’t talk about Approov’s backend enough. In this post, I hope to remedy that slip by providing a brief overview while dwelling on the characteristics indicative of a quality cloud service. Read Full Story