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How to Bypass Certificate Pinning with Frida on an Android App

May 4, 2021

In a previous article we learned how to perform a MitM attack on a mobile app that doesn’t employ certificate pinning as a mechanism of preventing such attacks. Today I will show how to use the Frida instrumentation framework to hook into the mobile app at runtime and instrument the code in order to perform a successful MitM attack even when the mobile app has implemented certificate pinning. Read Full Story

How to MitM Attack the API of an Android App

May 1, 2021

Performing a MitM attack against an HTTPS channel requires the capability for the attacker to be able to add the proxy server Certificate Authority (CA) into the Trust Store of the device running the mobile app and a popular approach is to manually upload the CA to the device, but this comes with some challenges, that may require to root the device and/or repackage the mobile app. An easier way exists, and in this article I will show how to use an Android Emulator with a writable file system that will allow us to install the proxy certificate directly into the system trusted store, without the need to root the emulator or make changes in the mobile app. This is a hands on how to tutorial, that you can easily follow, even if you have not done a MitM attack before or you are just starting your developer Android journey. Read Full Story