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Google SafetyNet and CriticalBlue Approov

SafetyNet concept; Green background with two  human stick figures holding a blanket ready to catch the Android robot

We are often asked by customers and prospects to compare our beloved Approov with Google's SafetyNet offering. Since SafetyNet is intended to identify genuine Android instances then this is a reasonable question. However, SafetyNet and Approov are designed to do quite different things and therefore we wrote a handy guide to help our customers appreciate when to employ each solution and why. You can download the guide from here.

You may also be interested in Apple's DeviceCheck technology, which is different again from Approov. It's actually different from SafetyNet too and we have another handy comparison guide which you can download from here


Featured image credit

David Stewart

- Advisor at Approov / Former CEO of Approov
30+ years experience in security products, embedded software tools, design services, design automation tools, chip design.