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EETimes Talks Approov and Automotive

Close up of hand holding a mobile phone with app for keyless car access. Text 'If Car Keys are Apps, API Security is Key' and EETimes logo

Approov is making rapid progress in the automotive sector, particularly in mobility businesses. The specific challenges in this market were the subject of an interview we did with EETimes.

Use cases in mobility revolve around the ubiquitous use of mobile apps for searching, reserving, locating, opening and starting shared vehicles. The scale and variety of end users who are taking advantage of these services dictates that security needs to be robust while not impact the user experience. For an example of this, check out our customer story around why Sixt chose Approov to protect their car sharing business

The mobility market is going through momentous changes at the moment and there are significant business opportunities for those with the vision to grab the prize. To better understand the shifting plates of disruption within car ownership and car usage in the 21st century, our series of articles on mobility trends might be a good place to start. 

The EETimes article touches on a variety of interesting topics, for example why securing mobility services requires software rather than hardware approaches, the issues around APIs, and even looks at standardization efforts.



David Stewart

- Advisor at Approov / Former CEO of Approov
30+ years experience in security products, embedded software tools, design services, design automation tools, chip design.