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CriticalBlue Wins a 2017 API Award

API World 2017 Awards badge

CriticalBlue is delighted to announce that it has won the 2017 API Award in the API security category.

The 2017 API Awards are the API Industry’s largest award event, taking place during the API World 2017 Conference & Expo (San Jose Convention Center), the world’s largest API conference & expo with 3,000+ attendees.

The 2017 API Awards received hundreds of nominations, and the API World advisory board selected our product based on three criteria: Reputation in the API Industry, Recent Media Coverage, and Innovativeness of the API initiatives.

"Approov is a great example of how more and more of the tech industry is realizing that APIs are not just how we integrate tools and apps, APIs are the new way of doing business and building new revolutionary technologies.”

Geoff Domoracki, Founder of API World

CriticalBlue will be given the award at the API World 2017 Award Ceremony.

Approov allows a mobile app to unambiguously prove its authenticity to the API backend used to serve its content. Tampered and unofficial apps, or scripts spoofing traffic app, can be detected and blocked from accessing business assets. Approov does not rely on embedding API keys or other secrets in the app so is not subject to reverse engineering attacks. Mobile apps protected by Approov never know if they have successfully authenticated or not. Deployment on both the server side and and in the app is straightforward. More details on Approov can be found here.

“Live customer deployments of Approov are increasing rapidly, both in quantity and scale,” commented David Stewart, CEO of CriticalBlue. “We’re very pleased to win a 2017 API Award as it represents recognition by our industry peers of the efficacy and relevance of Approov in protecting mobile business revenue.” Management of API access by third party mobile apps is an emerging requirement in digital transformation as enterprises monetize their APIs. Businesses need to be able to manage API usage and access across a wide range of partnership types. Static API keys are inherently insecure and not flexible enough to achieve this goal.

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David Stewart

- Advisor at Approov / Former CEO of Approov
30+ years experience in security products, embedded software tools, design services, design automation tools, chip design.