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CyLab-Africa Team

CyLab is Carnegie Mellon University's security and privacy institute. It is a world leader in technological research & education of professionals in information assurance, security technology, business & policy and security awareness among cyber-citizens of all ages.
Theoneste Byagutangaza | Research Associate, CyLab-Africa
Trevor Henry Chiboora | Research Associate, CyLab-Africa
Joel Jefferson Musiime | Research Assistant, CyLab-Africa
Lenah Chacha | Research Lab Manager, CyLab-Africa

Approov Blog

Approov Publishes Carnegie-Mellon University CyLab-Africa Report on Mobile App Security in Africa

October 12, 2023

This is a Guest Blog written by the CyLab-Africa team : Theoneste Byagutangaza, Lena Chacha, Trevor Henry Chiboora, Joel Jefferson Musiime and George McGregor from Approov. This week, we published a new report: “The Security Challenges of Financial Mobile Apps in Africa”. This is based on research carried out by a research team from CyLab-Africa, sponsored by Approov. The research reveals an alarming Fintech exposure in Africa – 95% of the apps investigated leak secrets! The full report is published on the Approov website here and is essential reading for any mobile app developers who are planning worldwide deployment. Read Full Story