What threats does Approov protect against?

Here is a detailed list of threats that Approov defends against

Sensitive data being shared through APIs are subject to threats such as app impersonation, reverse engineering of API protocols, spoofing transactions, and using bots as emulators to access backend servers. Approov creates a trusted environment that protects APIs by providing additional authentication, blocking attacks at the source.

Dynamic Certificate Pinning
  • Block Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks
App Environment Detections
  • Debug Detection
  • Emulator Detection
  • Cloner App Detection
  • Memory dump detection
  • App automation detection
App Tamper Detections
  • App Signature Verification
  • Frida Detection
  • Cydia Detection
  • TrollStore Detection
  • Xposed Detection
  • Riru Detection
  • Memory Signature Analysis
  • Advanced Hooking Detection
Device Tamper Detections
  • Jailbreak Detection
  • Root Detection
  • Android Magisk Detection
Live Threat Monitoring Dashboards
  • Real-Time Dashboard Support
  • Full Visibility into Live Threats