Why choose Approov for Mobile Security?

What makes Approov better than other mobile application security software?

Approov was built with the mobile application community in mind. It was not designed from a web application platform and later transitioned to mobile applications, but was envisioned and developed from the ground up for the mobile application environment. 

Approov provides a secure cloud and can deliver API keys or JWT tokens to mobile application at runtime can, which ultimately provides a much higher level of security. In this approach, the API keys are stored on a secure server, and the mobile application requests them at runtime. This way, the API keys are not hardcoded into the application and are not as easily accessible to attackers. Obfuscating APIs within the mobile application can provide some level of security by making it more difficult for attackers to discover and access the APIs. However, this approach is flawed, since the determined attackers can still reverse engineer the application and find the API endpoints.

In summary, if security is a top priority, using Approov and its runtime secrets capability to move API keys and other secrets to a secure cloud and delivering them to the mobile application at runtime is generally the best option. Lastly, Approov also has a mode that does not require a constant Internet connection, enabling a broad variety of features such as keyless entry for automotive applications.