What are the benefits of Approov?

How Approov Mobile Security protects your revenue

  • Over-the-air security updates allow continuous enhancement of security capabilities against emerging threats without the need to release a new app.
  • Provides real-time protection for mobile applications by monitoring the application's runtime environment and detecting and blocking malicious activity as it occurs. This allows organizations to quickly identify and respond to security threats.
  • Runtime application self protection (RASP) can be used to secure mobile application APIs by detecting and blocking unauthorized access to the APIs. This helps to prevent data breaches and other security incidents caused by attacks that target the application's APIs.
  • Approov app attestation can be applied to both Android and iOS mobile platforms, so organizations can protect all of their mobile applications with a single solution.
  • Bots and automations are blocked without falsely rejecting any valid app, reducing the costs of fraud to your business.  
  • Frequent run time checks allow you to block app tampering and block masked fraudulent transactions which are not caught at install time.
  • Enhanced TLS security allows you to block fraudsters from getting between your app and your service, preventing both the design and execution of fraudulent attacks.
  • The SDK is easy to deploy and can be integrated into existing mobile applications with minimal code changes. This allows organizations to quickly and easily add security to their mobile applications.