From a liability perspective, when considering the security of our mobile solution, there is a lot of trust that we are placing on Approov’s solution to defend against attacks.

What obligations will Approov | Critical Blue have if defects or shortcomings result in a cyber incident which results in a compromise?

The limitations on liability are detailed in our standard terms and conditions. Our liability provisions have similar industry specific terms that may be common with other cybersecurity companies. Clients need to be aware that no cybersecurity solution is completely fail-proof. We attempt to have the Services available and operating effectively at most times, but cannot guarantee that they will always be available. The Services may become unavailable for a number of reasons, including, without limitation, the performance of maintenance, the implementation of new software, in emergency situations and/or due to equipment or telecommunications failures. While we attempt to prevent any loss of data, we do not provide any guarantee against any loss of data, including, without limitation, any loss of data due to equipment or telecommunication failures. We do not guarantee complete accuracy in all aspects of the Services at all times. Features of the Services contingent on App Stores or third-party Service Providers are not guaranteed to always be available and are dependent on their technologies and policies.