Approov API Protection

API Security: How to Shield your APIs Right Now to Stop Bad Guys Abusing Them

August 26th at 10am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm BST, 7pm CEST

Chasing down and fixing vulnerabilities early in development is commonly seen as the best approach to preventing your APIs being exploited and your data stolen.

But our recent data shows that even if you could achieve the impossible and eliminate all vulnerabilities in your APIs, they will still be exposed to automated attacks.

Mobile apps, by their nature, expose a potential “Achilles heel” in API security. A mobile app exposes API Keys, business logic, and other data, comprising a comprehensive “tool kit for hackers” who are targeting APIs.

You must take steps urgently to understand and mitigate these threats to your mobile apps, APIs .... and ultimately your business

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Recent real data on how bad actors think about preparing and mounting attacks on your APIs
  • The principal attack surfaces and how bad actors move between them to achieve their aims
  • The security strategy you should pursue to achieve a balance between shift-left and shield-right initiatives
  • Tools and techniques that can protect your APIs from attack
  • Tools and techniques to protect mobile applications that use APIs
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor
Richard is co-founder and CTO of Approov. He manages the Approov engineering team and in that role, he is responsible for the design, technical architecture and operation of the service.
Skip Hovsmith
Skip Hovsmith
Skip heads the US team, and is based in California. His focus is on helping customers secure API usage between mobile apps and their backend services. He is a frequent speaker at mobile, API and security conferences.

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